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Author Topic: READ BEFORE LISTING YOUR CAR!!! TGP For Sale Requirements *EDIT 4-06-2006*  (Read 7260 times)

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It has come to our attention that many people sign up for this Forum just to advertise the sale of their car. We think it is great that people are trying to sell their car with the assistance of this page, but the inevitable always happens. NO INFO ON THE CAR! So from here on out your post will be deleted if the following information is not given up front:

1. $$ PRICE $$ and mileage!  Make offer or $8,000 obo is not acceptable!

2. Exterior Color and Condition of the car...needs paint, has dents, good, mint, etc...

3. Interior Color and Condition of the car...torn seats, beer stained carpet, no headliner, good, mint, etc...

4. Accessories...Gauges all work or not, Wiper/Wash wipes but no wash, A/C works or not, HUD is working or not, Stereo is CD or Cassette and works or not, All Seat functions work or list what doesn't, Sunroof works or not, etc...

5. Running condition...Performance Chip?, Crossover Pipe?, needs new motor, needs turbo, smokes, rod or bearing knock, stalls, surges, tranny problems, ABS or brake warning lights, fluid leaks of any kind, etc...

6. List of new, recently changed, or needed to be changed expendable parts on the car...New Brakes, New tires, New wheel bearings, New CV joints, New exhaust, etc...

7. Picture(s) of car or item for sale MUST BE POSTED! Rule takes effect as of 4-06-2006. When posting a new thread you may click on the "Additional Options" link just under the message box. This will allow you to upload pictures to my server and be displayed for all to see. The forum will allow 4 per post, but no limit on the number of pictures you can display total. If no pictures are posted you will be given one warning and your thread will be deleted! If for some reason in today's world you do not have a camera drop me a PM and Admin will determine if your thread stays.

Every person has a different opinion as to the questions they would like answered. This is a brief over all as to what is expected. Good luck in selling your car... 8)
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Everyone has differing priorities about replying to questions, pic requests, part requests for part outs, etc, etc

That is the business of each seller and again they vary.

If someone is not getting back to you in a timely manor or posts something your intrested in and they do not reply, take that into consideration when trying to make a deal with that person.

sending payment
shipping times
receiving times
and the whole dealing process

If you have any doubt about the sellers commitment to selling the item(s) or the fashion your requests are being acknowledged take that as a precedent to how your deal will be treated from start to finish.

Just a warning as i know it has happened before and there have been complaints about other sellers.

Most feel selling is a serious matter when you submit a listing others do not so be careful where you send your money.

Save all PM's regarding the deal
And we do have a seller/buyer feedback section so please use it.



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