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Author Topic: Jud's 3400 top end swap details.  (Read 5883 times)

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Jud's 3400 top end swap details.
« on: April 05, 2005, 07:02:16 AM »

Move egr bung on crossover
Slot egr to match intake manifold
Lengthen wires to TB
Modify TB linkage bracket. Weld on TV part of bracket from TGP
Make a plate to bolt to new TB for TV link edge. 16 or 18 ga. This seems to be one of the more difficult mods. I have a pattern of the plate that I will loan to anybody doing the swap.
Remove TV lug on old TB (grind off the back and press out) press into new plate.
Modify top tube from intercooler to TB. Shorter and removes one bend.
Weld on a bracket to support the above tube.( I attached it to the turbo)
Mod lifter guides to sit flat. A couple of V notches and a little grinding.
Drill and tap block for cam plate and shim as needed. Use gorilla snot to seal.
Grind flat on lifters. (may not be necessary but I went safe rather than sorry)
Flat goes toward the cam as it comes up(left side outboard, right side inboard)
Brackets w/ springs (3) to hold down lifter guides. Takes some playing with. 1/8x1" alum fb.
Gasket match EX manifolds. You will have to do alot of grinding. With the manifold at the bottom(low on the head) there is enough left to seal on the lower part of the D. I matched everything.
Cut fittings off of fuel hoses and clamp to new fittings(double clamp). Use fuel line clamps.
Leave front fuel rail hold down off. Makes a lot more room for the harness.
Weld nipple on for heater return
Bend new heater inlet tube to clear egr.
Pipe under manifold. I cut and capped it. Makes for more room.
Turbo water return line. Put tee in oil cooler return line.
Manifold air temp sensor. Just remove the water hose fitting on the back of the manifold and screw in the sensor.
Drill and tap the rear head 1/4 NPT for temp gauge sender.
Parts from 2000 up.
Get later model lower rad hose. 93 I think The inlet to the engine is smaller.
Late model throttle cable
Timing cover
PS pump and lines
Cam lifters and related hardware.
Heads and all the stuff that goes with them.

Compression will go up about 2cc worth with the TGP gasket but will be lower than a 3400. I used the 3400 gasket cus its bigger. Doesn?t negate the 2cc but every little bit helps.
Can't rate the difficulty for you. For me it was a easy. I've been doing this kind of stuff most of my life. If your mechanically inclined you can do it. A welder at home helps. It?s 40-60 hrs work.
For the welding you could get it done for around 50. The only tools you might want to get are the tools to disconnect the late model fuel lines. About 10.

As for power increase I don?t know what the difference is. On paper this motor with the GT28BB has 325-350 Hp. At the track it has run ? * faster but in all fairness I didn?t have the old set up tuned as well as this one. It is for sure a power adder.

J/y everything but the ps pump 225. I pulled the parts
Ps pump 25
Head gaskets 40. You can use the 10 TGP gasket but you have to relieve 5 or 6 of the water holes in the bottom of the head.
Lower intake gasket. If you take it off carefully you can use it over. I have used it twice. Otherwise about 50.
Upper intake gasket. Same as above only I have proly used it 6 times.
Ex gaskets used old ones off the 3400. 15 You will need the bolts and manifolds from TGP
Timing gasket 10
Rocker cover gaskets. They never need repalcing.
Head bolts used over a couple times I just use more torque. 20. Replace them if you want. Recomended.
Pushrods if you don?t use the roller cam, 60-100 depending on who you get them from.

I am sure I have missed something it?s been awhile. If I think of something else I?ll edit this.

If anybody wants to add something please post it

Have fun.  

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Re: Jud's 3400 top end swap details.
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2008, 06:28:03 AM »

Here are pictures that someone needed...  Thanks again Jud.


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