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This thread is made to allow forum members to share their knowledge of the BCC code in the TGP/TSTE chip. As definitions are explained they will be posted here for future reference and to help DIY folks better tune their cars.

Please post here HERE first and it will be condensed as much as possible to ad to this thread.

It is greatly appreciated to all who contribute to this in advance!

If anyone has any disagreement with the definitions given by others...please dispute them in the posting thread and lines will be changed here if deemed necessary. 8)

Added by flybynite:

ESC ATTACK AND RECOVERY RATES. How fast the ecm retards and advances timing following a knock detection.
MAX ESC RETARD VS RPM AE AND PE MODE. How much timing to be pulled when knock is sensed.
BASE PULSE VE VS RPM AN MAP UPPER AND LOWER. Raise and lower values to achieve ideal afr.
CRANK FUEL PW VS COOLANT TEMP. Injector open time when cranking.
MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE BLM. How much ecm can correct lean and rich conditions according to block learn.
MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE INT. Also helps correct block learn(on f-body its locked at 128).

Added by FlyByNite...

SPARK RETARD/ADVANCE VS IDLE. How much the ecm advances or retards timing at idle(some people zero out this table to have complete control of timing at idle)
BASE COOLANT ADVANCE CORRECTION VS LOAD AND much ecm adds/removes timing due to load and coolant temp.
POWER ENRICHMENT TPS THRESHOLD VS CTS.amout of tps to go from accel enrichment to power enrichment.
MAXIMUM IAC POSITON POSSIBLE.add to this and the iac will open wot the iac goes to max position,the more you open the iac will allow more air to flow into the engine through it.
IAC PARK START UP POSITION.when you turn the key to the on position the iac will go to the command steps.(if you add steps the engine will rev higher upon starting which helps with larger camshaft)


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