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Using TunerPro is where it is at gents.

Download here (Edited by Invasion1 to newer link)

Once you download the program you need to download the $8f hack. Before clicking on the link you need to right click/save as. Save it in the TunerPro ECU file (C:\Program Files\TunerPro\Bin Definitions).

In tunerpro you will need to import the hack for $8f. This is done by clicking on XDF at the top of the program page. XDF will open a pull down and go to will open one tab that says..."From ECU..." If you put the hack you downloaded in the folder I showed it will open with "Look in" then select 8fturbo.ecu. That will import the proper definition.

Now you will need to OPEN your .bin. Do this by clicking on FILE then OPEN Bin. You will need to have previous .bin files saved to your PC. I will be listing all possible .bin files that we have as well as the ones I have on another thread. They will be accessed by rightclick/save as.

I hope this gets a few of you started with a new program. Let me know if you ahve any issue opening or editing. Either I will get the answer for you or send you to the right person. I am assuming that Craig and Mark may frequent here to guide us along in the beginning.

Peace...Kenny 8)

Iv'e been usein tunerpro for a while,I would be happy to help if anybody needs it.

I will give it a try....

you da man Kenny


Cool, never knew it existed!!   8)   I am looking into this.


Made me a bit nervous to use something new to me...but after about 10 minutes on the phone with Craig and a few Emails with Mark...all is good and playing with all sorts with an easier flow than that "other" program. 8)


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