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Author Topic: Record Datalog in TunerPro RT  (Read 4538 times)

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Record Datalog in TunerPro RT
« on: March 11, 2006, 05:08:53 PM »

Make sure your ALDL is connected and you see data streaming in the program screen.

Go to Tools > ALDL/Datalogging > Setup. Then on the ALDL setup screen you will see on the right a "Select File for REC/Playback". You create a file like TGP_idlelearn or whatever you want. A box will pop-up saying that file does not excist "Create this File?" You select YES.

You then need to push the red circle button to begin recording. Close the ALDL setup screen.

You should see a green bar in the bottom of the logging screen saying something like "Recording Samples". If you don't YOU ARE NOT RECORDING DATA!

Hope this helps!

-Kenny 8)

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