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Author Topic: '95+ 11.25" front brakes & Intrax lowering springs installed (PICS)  (Read 1089 times)

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this is kind of a crosspost from my thread on about installing the Intrax front springs -,38569.0.html  there are alot more pics there.

anyways, i finally got them installed in the car a few days ago along with front strut/knuckle assemblies from a '96 Cutlass Supreme.  this allowed me to upgrade to larger 11.25" rotors.  i also installed new GM greasable balljoints, KYB strut mounts, KYB strut boots, Raybestos PG Plus metallic pads, and NAPA cheapo rotors.



the car should get a little lower once i drive it a little and let the new springs settle.  i'll also be using 245/50s later and that should help get it a little lower yet.  right now the car has 225/60s.

stock spring compared to the new Intrax spring:

new bigger brakes:

i haven't driven the car yet but the Intrax springs are STIFF!  i try to bounce the front end and it barely even moves :icon_eek:  hopefully the ride quality isn't too harsh.

i'm going to try to order FFP coilovers for the rear next week.  i still need to buy KYB GR-2 struts for the front & rear, new wheel bearing/hub assemblies, CV axles, get my 34mm front bar installed with new bushings, new 245/50s for my white 16x7 GP 5-spoke wheels, etc etc.  i'm slowly getting there!
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Re: '95+ 11.25" front brakes & Intrax lowering springs installed (PICS)
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2006, 10:44:42 PM »

Please let me know how the Intrax work for you. Been looking at a custom spring from Eibach...but they want crazy money unless I can get 50 sets of 4 to sell! :icon_eek:

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