its probably been asked a million times....but here we go


Sorry if I am doing a repost here of the same old question but can anyone point me in the right direction of getting my chip tuned on my 90 tgp? it is pretty much stock besides having a walboro 255 pump and if i can figure out where and how to get it tuned with the best setup ill be putting a different intake and exhaust on it

I'd wait for the upgrade bug to infect you just a liiiiiiiiiitle bit more before you talk to flybynite about the tune. You're gonna want more upgrades the more time you spend with one of these wallet incinerators, so best to have something adjusted with a little more kick available from the get-go. Big fuel injectors are a start, especially since you already got the Walbro in the tank.
Or, you could go for it now and try your hand at TunerPro later on. I think I'm going to get into that very soon.

what would you suggest for injectors?

Stock flow rate is 22#. I've seen a lot of people go for at least 30#, more for those seeking to break into the 13s and beyond with serious mods. Google "injector flow rate hp calculator" and that might also give you a good estimate for what power you want.

well first mods usually done are a cone filter on turbo and a 160 t stat with a topgun 160 chip if you want more after that your best bet is a turbo/injector upgrade as i have read the tg160 maxes out stock injectors. if your still running stock turbo i don't think much bigger injectors are required, maybe 24 might help the stock turbo a little more but injectors aren't really something to upgrade until you are going to upgrade the turbo... i let flybynite be the final judge of that.


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