looking for help tuning the 90 TGP with tuner pro rt


I have the *.xdf file I downloaded from forums download category.

I am trying to figure out how to tune this to shut off the EGR and I do not understand how to do this.
I can't seem to find tutorials or anything.

Anyone want to try and help me out?

I found the EGR parameter category and there is several listings for EGR parameters, I can right click and try to edit parameter xdf info, but I do not understand what to change.
and if I try to change anything, it says something like "cannot change" changes reverted or something.

EGR Enable temp. 

Cool, I adjusted it.

I figured out how to save and edit.

I just do not know the best way to tune this car for a manual boost controller set to about 12 PSI.


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