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Author Topic: Pressure switch failure?  (Read 5598 times)

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Pressure switch failure?
« on: September 24, 2017, 08:33:02 PM »

Well I found an accumulator on eBay that should interchange, replaced it to finally try and fix the weak assist and pump running every pedal press. Now cars been sitting a few years. Got it installed. Pump will run pretty short time from total depressurization, 20 seconds maybe instead of over 60. Like the pressure switch is telling it to stop too early. It will run the pump every pedal press or sometimes 2 presses. if I hold the pedal, the pump will erratcly come on and off, and then abs light comes on solid. Sound like the switch?

Will Ones from a 85-87 turbo regal looks exactly the same, just different numbers. Not sure if threads or open close pressures are similar...or does maybe somebody have a good switch?

Accumulator I got

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