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Author Topic: Problems with my tgp need help very strange problems please help desperate!!  (Read 5072 times)

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I have a 89 tgp. Car was running great then started stalling around 3000 rpm. Got it home barely. Then was hard starting then wouldn't start unless sat for a while. When through everything. Good fuel pressure clean exhaust. Changed all the electronics 1 at a time trying to fix. Tps, crank sensor, egr, control module, coils, o2, map, and ecu. Nothing worked. Also after I changed the ice and coil packs, the tach stopped working and now the radio doesn't respond. Only stays at 1:00 and can't tune or change volume etc, its like its frozen. Car will start after a while idle then dies. I give it gas it dies usually too even below 3000 rpm. Any ideas??? Prom chip? Ita strange that the tach and radio now have problems. Never had problems before, please help I'm at my witts end. Injectors? It seems to be electrical since the other issues.
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when my TGP was stock , yes injectors left me stranded .    sounds like you checked just about everything else .

pop off the upper intake and ohm the injectors ,  a drastic reading will indicate you have a bad one ... or more.  Injectors are the first things I would replace with any TGP.   

do a continuity test from the cranks sensor wire to the ignition control module , otherwise your CPS wont be doing much.

The tach and radio in these cars are known to be very problematic in various ways so im not sure I would blame that yet for your engine not running right.

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