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Title: vs. last-gen Tahoe
Post by: Fred931 on September 22, 2012, 09:19:32 AM
No riveting story here. It was more of an exhibition than a race...

I pull up to a light on two-lane 98. My window happens to be down, and so does that on this green Chevy with muds and rims and four teenagers. I recognize the car from my high school, but not the students, so I can guess I'll have a chat with them Monday. :icon_cool:

Passenger is coughing at me to get my attention. I finally give in and the driver says, "you wanna race?" followed by an "I bet that car hauls ass!" from the backseat. So I kinda shake my head no. Then my better sense gets hold of me as the crosslight turns yellow. I say, "It should," to the second guy to speak.

Light turns green, and I haven't revved at all yet. I try to feather the gas so that I don't waste my Coopers with a burnout, but after the launch I wound up scrubbing the tires. Before I realize I should have counted the time, I was at 55 and backed off. Looked in my mirror, and it was like they had not even left the light yet! They hung way back, and even the Taurus behind me passed them before I turned off to the right to carry on to work.

Sucks that I couldn't humiliate them actually trying to race a TGP. Or maybe I actually did make them wet themselves. :laugh: I might find out next week like I said.
Title: Re: vs. last-gen Tahoe
Post by: Fred931 on September 22, 2012, 01:28:03 PM
I work at this country club, by the way... And they walked right up to me at my desk just a minute ago from posting this!! They were still chatting about it and very impressed. I'll have to show it off when I get off work in an hour if they're still around. :icon_cool: